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The great epic "Ramayana" tells about Dharma, which is the substratum for happy living. Lord Rama and Sita who is the embodiment of purity and womanly virtues lived an ideal life and showed us the path of virtue and wisdom. If we keep on singing Lord Rama's glory, our minds will be purified. If we read Lord Rama's stories we will be inspired to live an honest life.

Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana  was kept in Asokavitika in Lanka and she was full of sarrow due to separation from Lord Rama. Sri Hanumanji came to Lanka and found Sita. Later Lord Rama came to Lanka with his army and took back Sitha to India after killing of Ravana of lankapura. It was the brief story of ramayana .

Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there are more than 50 sites related to the Ramayana, the great Indian epic read and loved by many of the Asians.

These sites related to many important events in the epic Ramayana from the place of Seetha’s captivity to the place where Lord Rama slew Ravana, the king of Lankapura.

People living in the areas where these events took place, still remember the connection of their village to the great history of Ramayana. Village court at the area where Seetha  undertook “Agni Pariksha” is still considered valid if oaths taken at that place. The soil of the battlefields of Ramayana is still remains in red colour surrounded by lighter coloured soil. Exotic Himalayan herbs are found suddenly among the tropical Sri Lankan forests & mountains.

Incredibly, the names of these places have come down unchanged from centuries to the present, though mass social, cultural and religious changes have taken place in Sri Lanka since.

Join us in our exploration of the Ramayana trails in Sri Lanka. See the footprints of Lord Hanuman and lots of legendary places…

We have a wide selection of Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka which you can choose from. While we offer pre planned tour packages, we take pride in designing tour packages according to your needs and requirements.

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